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Thomas, 17

“Youth group has really had a huge impact in my life. Several years ago, I started attending as an unbeliever. Seeds were sown through the youth group leaders’ dedication; the positive, welcoming environment; and the well-structured, engaging lessons. In 2014, I accepted Christ’s gift of salvation on a Sunday night after a youth group meeting. God is doing big things in the lives of Shapleigh Baptist Youth Group members.”

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Grace, 16

"SBYG is super important to me, mainly because of all the amazing friends I’ve made there. It’s so different than other youth groups: there’s no cliques or anything. It’s just a bunch of great people who love each other! The leaders are amazing and so full of love and compassion. And, at least for me, going to SBYG has been like a little escape from reality, and just a time that I can relax about my problems and just have fun with people I love."

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Sophie, 19

"As someone who has always felt like the odd one out, I can honestly say that the friends I made in SBYG will be my friends for life. During my time there, I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone, to grow, and to eventually learn how to positively influence the world around me and those who come after me. I am so thankful for what my time in SBYG has taught me! I can now go on to make a difference in this world knowing that I have friends who have my back and role models who will support me."

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SBYG starts up again on Sunday, SEPTEMBER 11th!

See you at 5:00 pm.

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