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We are a church that is dedicated to the Gospel first and foremost - dedicated to believing it, to living it, and to proclaiming it to the streets, the town, and the world around us. 


Our purpose is to bring believers closer to our Lord by spiritual engagement and discipline through direct contact with the truth of God's Word and through fellowship with other believers; and to provide a safe, loving environment for people who are still searching.


We believe that Jesus has challenged us to share our faith and to live it out in every aspect of our lives. To that end, we grow together and serve together through the Sunday sermons, through Sunday school and Bible studies, and through other various ministries. 


The First Baptist Church of Shapleigh is a welcoming, friendly community who enjoy fellowshipping with one another and who encourage each other and visitors to think about the truths expressed in the Bible. We show a sacrificial concern for each other and put others needs above our own.

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